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Wilde Art, About the Artist About the Artist Wilde Art, About the Artist
As a watercolor artist, my style is clear and realistic. Through careful observation, I accentuate subtle but important aspects of your subject, delighting viewers with uncommon insight while providing a meaningful and memorable viewing experience.

Accuracy is very important to me. I research my subjects, incorporating key elements-relevant to your message- into the artwork and design. I also use points of interest to draw viewers into the setting of your message. For example, see the miners building flumes in "Donnell Vista Details."

With botanical subjects, I draw on my years of experience working with plants both in the nursery, and in the wild, along with active research.
For geologic accuracy, I have studied under and worked closely with Geology Professor, Jeff Tolherst at Columbia College. I've also studied under and worked in collaboration with Graphic Artist and Professor, Kath Christensen.
With degrees in Forestry and Liberal Arts, I am currently working on a Graphic Arts certificate.

I've worked for the Forest Service as an interpretive assistant and done rare and noxious plant identification surveys.

Interpretive Panel projects I've worked on include: Columns of the Giants, Donnell Vista, and Ferretti Lava Caps Area. (See Interpetive Project Details for samples.)

In 2006, I illustrated the book, "Sharing the Knowledge," by the University of California Cooperative Extention of the Master Gardeners of Tuolumne County. Also, I enjoy doing portraits and scriptural pieces. (See "Portraits", and "Scripture Pictures.")

My love for Jesus and His creation, mixed with the knowledge gained in my natural resource studies, compels me to convey awareness of the increasing need for protection and conservation of our environment. Drawing viewers into deeper perception and understanding of our world may motivate us to become better stewards of our planet, protecting it for our children's children.
I will put my passion and skills to work for you - empowering your message, ensuring the success of your projects.
Kristie Wilde
Kristie Wilde
"It's my delight to convey the wisdom and beauty I see in my subjects."
Quote by John Muir
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