Meadowbrook Park Project

"Basking Dragonfly," 7"x 7"

Meadowbrook Park is located about 30 miles north-east of Washington DC, in Howard County.

This project is designed to facilitate a greater understanding and appreciation for this riparian area, ultimately motivating viewers
to enjoy their environment carefully.

beavers"Beaver Pond," 16"x 24
mallard splashdown
Detail from "Wetland Birds"

dragonfly lifecycle
"Dragonfly Lifecycle," 16"x 24"

cropped dragonfly

Original artwork by Kristie Wilde

Panel design and layout by Jackie Woodcock
Hopewell Manufacturing

Project sponsored by Howard County Rec & Parks


obelisk dragonfly
"Obelisk Dragonfly," 7"x 7"

riparian buffer"Riparian Buffer," 18"x 24"


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