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Rosealea   The portraits I like to paint are not posed and prim, with everything in it's place, but rather, precious snapshots of real life. When my children were grown and on their way, I wanted to do paintings that would bring to life some especially delightful memories of their childhood. Sorting through my many photos, I found the ones that stirred my heart and painted away. These hang comfortably around my house without giving a stiff, formal feeling. I would be delighted to bring some of your special memories to life in watercolor, working from your photographs. Soquani    
10" x 14" "Rosealea"  
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Joel Danny and Gabe
10" x 14" "Soquani"
10" x 14"
" Joel, Danny and Gabe"
10" x 14" "David"
Inspirational Art
I believe the highest call regarding any gift given by God, is to use that gift for His glory. When it's a communication gift, like artwork,
it's highest fulfillment is to communicate glimpses of God to the world which He "loved so much that He gave His only Son." Through such glimpses we know Him better, ultimately accepting His free love offering of salvation.
Faith, the substance of things hoped for
When I paint scripture pictures, I'm painting from my heart.
If there's a scripture you would like me to illustrate for you, let me know!
Washing the Lords feet  
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10" x 14"
Ten thousand angels
10" x 14"
"Mary Magdalene"
If My people  
18" x 24"
"If My People"
18" x 24" "He Could Have Called Ten Thousand Angels"

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