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gift from above
"Gift From Above"

colored glass
"Colored Glass"

Watercolor is my medium of choice.

I love the way it flows and settles with such clean brilliant color, having a mind of it's own sometimes.

Building colors layer upon layer, as well as scrubbing and lifting pigment are integral parts of my painting process.

Many of my decorative paintings come from photographs I've taken.

I do sell my artwork as originals or giclees. Let me know if anything catches your eye.

I also do custom artwork. If you have a favorite photo you'd like turned into
a painting, let me know.

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basking dragonfly
"Basking Dragonfly"

obelisk dragonfly
"Obelisk Dragonfly"


gardeners reward"Gardener's Reward"

"Beauty is found by the mind willing to pause and look deeper- beyond the
busy surface of ones surroundings.
This beauty is readily available, and
refreshing to the soul."








barcelona fountain"Barcelona Fountain"

cathedral rocks"Cathedral Rocks"

yosemite oak"Yosemite Oak"

half dome
"Half Dome Reflection"

fahey cabin
"Fahey Cabin"

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