Columns of the Giants

column down
Welcome To Columns Of The Giants

pine cone
"Jeffrey Pine Cone,"' 6" X 6"

This wayside exhibit is located along Hwy 108 in the Sierras.
Viewers are guided through the geologic processes that created these unique lava formations. Local plant and wildlife are also presented in such a way as to capture the interest of all ages.

how columns form
"Two Lava Flows," 21" X 14"

Column down
"Column in Repose" 14" X 10"

This project is sponsored by the US Forest Service, Summit Ranger District.

how columns form






Installed signs

"Pica," 6" X 6"

Original artwork, design and layout
by Kristie Wilde, Wilde Art

Text design and layout by Kath Christensen

Interpretive message by Joy Barney and friends

clues to the past

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