gif Natural and Environmental Projects

"Pika" 6"x 6"

All the projects I've worked on have been environmentally based. Encouraging viewers to appreciate and care for plants, animals and the land that supports them is a vital task. It's also important to provide insight into how and why resources are being managed in a
particular way.

I believe good stewardship is a crucial message for current and future generations, so we can pass along this precious natural
heritage to our children's children for as long as we roam the earth.

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harvest brodaiea
Harvest Brodiaea

painted turtles
"Painted Turtles" Meadowbrook detail

"Kingfisher" Meadowbrook detail
rivers edge
"At Rivers Edge" 13"x 22.5"

"Owl's Clover"
owls clover

Original artwork
by Kristie Wilde

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"Chipmunk" Donnell Vista detail

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